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Third, early next year we will finally be initiating a “COFFEE ‘n’ CHRIST” home-church gathering on Sunday evenings … a very informal, but scripturally-orientated gathering for our Cherokee Shores neighbors who might not feel comfortable with a traditional church building and service.  In March, Allison will complete her 2-year SMU program called “The Academy For Missional Wisdom” … a theological foundation and practical skills concept needed to start and lead micro-communities of contemplative prayer and missional action.  We felt that the unique training from these classes would provide a critical understanding of our particular environment and be extremely necessary before we moved forward into this very important spiritual teaching field. We don’t agree with each other on everything, but all are absolutely welcome here!


If you have able hands, we want your help. Whether it's serving food aid in a kitchen, painting walls of a newly repaired home, or collecting donations, we need you. And so do communities in need.

Recent Programs

We're continually working hard to improve communities throughout the state. If you're interested to see what we've been doing recently (especially if you want to help), check out our project list.

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 The Foundry House is also “host” to a program called Celebration Recovery every Tuesday night from 7 to 9pm.  This a program designed to help those struggling with hurts, hang-ups, and habits by showing them the loving power of Jesus Christ through their recovery process.

Celebrate Recovery is open to all adults who would like to heal, resolve and change … through a “step” program based strictly around God’s grace and mercy.

Over 700,000 people have gone through the Celebrate Recovery program in more than 17,000 churches worldwide.  So if you would like to begin a relationship with Jesus Christ, The Foundry House may just be the place to begin.  We provide prayers, encouragement and tangible support which will lead you to make choices that will, with God's help, raise you out of harmful behaviors and back into healthy relationships … becoming a positive member of your family, community and occupation.

Once you admit that you are powerless over your addictions and compulsive behaviors … and that your life has truly become unmanageable … you will be able to ask God to fully reveal your sins to you and also to take them away as He has promised to do … guiding you from that moment onward.

There is always a place for you here!  Give your struggles to the Lord and begin to Celebrate Recovery!





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